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Health - One Step at a Time
"Intuitively, we feel that changing behavior should be easy, yet study after study prove that it isn’t.  To make lasting change, we need to slow down and start small. 
I’ve chosen one thing for the months of January and February: take the stairs.  I park 4 flights of stairs down from my office, and I have committed to walking those stairs even if I’m in a hurry and carrying 8 things!  Four weeks in, and I can report: I’m still out of breath at the top, but I don’t have to stop mid-way. 

At the end of January 2011, new guidelines were released outlining the minimum number of hours all Canadians, by age group, should be moving in a week to achieve health benefits. I fall into the “18-64 years” category, and need to move 2.5 hours per week at “moderate to vigorous intensity”.  What are the other categories? What does “moderate to vigorous intensity” mean?  Choose to inform yourself and, armed with information specific to your age and ability, choose your small change.  The Public Health Agency of Canada is an excellent resource and even has “Get Active Tip Sheets”.  Follow the formula and enjoy your small moment of happiness!"
Health Talk                                            Dr Leona Sembrat

Quick Tips for a Healthy Back

  • Exercise regularly

  • Follow a healthy diet

  • Maintain good posture

  • Stretch your spine before and after sports

  • Don't overload your backpack or shoulder bag

  • Stretch your legs and back after each hour of sitting

  • Never cradle the phone between your neck and shoulder

  • Sleep on your back or side, not on your stomach

  • Invest in a good chair, pillow, and mattress ... it's worth it!

  • Have regular chiropractic check-ups

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