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Registered Theraputic Massage Therapy

Theraputic massage begins its beneficial effects with its influence on the muscular tissues of the body. It may employ  pressure, stretching, gentle rocking and techniques using hands, elbows, knuckles or flat forearm while lying on a treatment table or while sitting. 
Massage aids in the treatment of muscular aches and pains, sports or accident injury rehabilitation, joint mobilization, lymphatic drainage, myofascial and scar tissue release and stress relief. Skillful muscle manipulation aids circulation of both the lymphatic fluid and the blood. It helps stimulates the digestive organs and improves skin and lung performance . As muscle tone improves, so do the nerves that supply them.
30 Minute Massage Therapy Session

This is ideal for an acute injury or headache release. In these situations, often less is more.

45 and 60 Minute Massage Therapy Sessions

The focus will be on major areas of concern addressing associated muscular regions that play into the imbalance. The therapy centers on enhancing circulation into the muscles and joints. A pain free range of motion is restored by releasing adhesions, muscle spasms and matted fibers, .

90 Minute Massage Therapy Session

The 90 minute session, allows for a rebalancing of the entire body.


All of these sessions are enhanced by regular visits. The various ongoing stresses that created the imbalances are likely to challenge your new found sense of balance and freedom. Find a frequency that works to keep you feeling great.

Always try to drink water immediately following your session.  The massage session rids the muscular system of various metabolic waste products and lactic acid, by moving them through the lymphatics. Drinking plenty of water helps to flush the lymphatics through the urinary system.



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