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Spinal Decompression and Lower Back Pain 
A number of factors can cause lower back pain. These range from injuries to the cumulative effects of aging. Between each vertebra in your back are soft disks which function as shock absorbers. These discs can degenerate over time or become herniated. A herniation or bulging of the disc causes protrusions that press on surrounding nerves, causing pain or numbness. 

Traction is helpful at treating some of the symptoms resulting from herniated or degeneration. However, traction cannot address the source of the problem.  When traction is applied, the body’s reaction is to pull in the opposite direction.  Spinal decompression equipment, on the other hand, contains sensitive computer-feedback mechanisms, such as strain gauges, to overcome this phenomenon and allow for maximum therapeutic results.  A strain gauge is designed to convert mechanical motion into an electronic signal.  This allows the equipment to continuously monitor muscular reaction and to compensate by re-adjusting its distraction parameters  


Spinal Decompression creates a negative pressure or a vacuum inside the disc. This effect causes the disc to pull in the protrusion and the increase in negative pressure also causes the flow of blood and nutrients back into the disc allowing the body's natural responses to heal the injury and re-hydrate the disc.

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