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Workplace Injury Rehab
From the Alberta Chiropractic Association website:
"Back pain is a common Canadian health issue, with over 80% of Canadians experiencing some form of back pain sometime in their lives.  Back injury is even more common in the workplace. It can strike when you least expect it: bending to lift a load, twisting the wrong way or stepping out of your truck after a long day of driving. If you have ever experienced back pain or injury, you know it can be debilitating and may even prevent you from earning a living."
"Every year more than 800,000 Albertans seek the help of a chiropractor for relief from back, muscle and joint pain due to sports, workplace, home and auto accident injuries.   Alberta Health Care does not offer coverage for chiropractic treatment, but through extended health care insurance or WCB insurance your treatment might be covered.

If you are hurt at work, you can go straight to a chiropractor for treatment. The WCB does not require you to see a medical doctor first.   Both a chiropractor and medical doctor can submit assessment information to the WCB to review and determine the outcome of your claim.
Chiropractic is demonstrated to be one of the most clinically and cost-effective methods of treating many work-related injuries.   Satisfaction rates among injured workers have been the highest for chiropractic treatment for almost 10 years now.
For information on how to access WCB coverage or to find a WCB authorized chiropractor, visit the WCB website.
You may have extended health care insurance benefits (provided by employer's benefits packages or individual third-party coverage like Blue Cross) that cover chiropractic treatment. Check your policy or contact your insurance provider to find out the specifics of your coverage. If you need information to take to your employer or union rep, please download the Extended Health Care Insurance Information.
Out-of-province coverage:

If you receive chiropractic treatment outside of Alberta you should check with your private health care provider to see if your plan will cover the costs you incurred."

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